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Waypoint strives to offer ultimate satisfaction in their cabinetry and the joy of getting exactly what you had in mind.

The vast amount of kitchen, bath, home office, and laundry room cabinetry all offer enhanced organizational options and various decorative hardware and accents. This budgetfriendly cabinetry is not only attractive, it’s built to stand the test of time with upgraded plywood sides and superior craftsmanship. You can rest assured knowing Waypoint guarantees this with their lifetime manufacturer’s limited warranty on all cabinetry.

Once Waypoint cabinetry is ordered, installation remodeling can begin in as little as 4 weeks. CITY CABINET CENTER is proud to offer Waypoint Living Spaces to the San Diego area.

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Top 9 Reasons to Consider Waypoint Living Spaces® Cabinets

Kitchen cabinetry improves the aesthetics of your kitchen. Many homeowners struggle to choose the right cabinets that match with their kitchen designs. Cabinet designs haven’t changed much of late compared to flooring. Some people prefer simple cabinets that occupy little space. In this post, we discuss nine unique features of Waypoint Living Spaces® cabinets to consider.

1. I-beam Construction

Standard base cabinets have an I-beam construction which secures their upper sides during installation and shipping. Some cabinet brands have braces and corner gussets stapled to their sides. However, they tend to bend and warp over time when they soak. I-beams are tiny stretchers that strengthen base cabinets. Normally, a dado joint locks the beams to maintain the shape of the cabinet.

Most braces and corner gussets are made of plastic. Waypoint Living Spaces® cabinets are made from wood. The gussets are stapled to the corners to strengthen the kitchen cabinet. Integrated large gussets are a better option as they hold larger edges of your cabinets.

2. Melamine Interior

Reputable interior designers recommend having an easy to clean, tough and non-porous cabinetry interior. It should not bubble or stain after a few years. Most modern cabinets have a bright melamine interior. Waypoint cabinets have different interiors including melamine. Melamine is fire resistant, durable and waterproof. You can clean it with any household solution. Besides, the material is suitable for countertops, dishware, and floor tiles. It creates a bright and neutral finish in cabinets.

Stained wood veneer surfaces absorb stains and moisture. Also, the grain of the interior traps soil thus making it susceptible to damage when you use strong detergents. Excessive humidity and residual moisture cause extensive damage to wood veneer.

3. Cabinet Face Frames

Framed cabinets have solid frames that are linked to the cabinet box’s front. A typical cabinet face frame is usually attached to drawer glides and door hinges. However, frameless cabinet doors are linked to the box sides. Both construction methods have different looks, stability, and strength. Moreover, frameless cabinets are more expensive than cabinets with face frames.

Face frames offer a rigid base for drawer glides and hinges. It helps in securing the kitchen cabinet during installation or shipping. There are three types of Waypoint Living Spaces® face frames, inset, full overlay, and partial overlay. Frameless cabinets have thick side panels that allow you to attach sidewalls to door hinges and drawer glides.

4. Fully Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Quality cabinets such as the Waypoint Living brand fully built, cut and assembled at their precision factories. The manufacturers pack and ship the fully built cabinets for delivery and installation at the project jobsite. In contrast Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) cabinets arrive in a flat pack and are assembled by the job contractor. Different RTA cabinets have varying conveniences, prices, and strengths.

Factory-assembled cabinetry is more durable and sturdy compared to locally assembled cabinets. Established firms use modern technology such as cold and hot glue, dovetail joints and power fasteners to join various parts. The pieces bond permanently thus increasing the strength and durability of a cabinet. The factory ships cabinets as units comprising of drawers and doors which are ready for installation.

5. Custom Modifications

Waypoint cabinets come with custom modifications that offer a wide selection of special features, sizes, and styles. They are ideal for different kitchen designs and sizes. While most manufacturers have limited sizes and styles, Waypoint semi-custom cabinetry has the ability for several modifications. They offer many cabinet designs at affordable rates.

Reputable firms build individual kitchens as custom projects thus cutting down their production costs. You can easily customize a cabinet to suit your needs. Such modifications include beadboard ends, finished interiors and mullion cabinet doors. Also, they have extra angle-edged cabinets and storage units.

6. All-plywood Construction (APC)

Plywood cabinets are more rigid due to their fasteners and screws. Plywood comprises several layers of wood that are aligned horizontally, crosswise and lengthwise to strengthen it. It is more tolerant to moisture unlike particleboard hence making it appropriate for faucets and sinks. Besides, plywood can hold bulky objects for long without bending or warping. It isn’t prone to dings and blowout related damage.

Cabinetry brands made from particleboard, also known as medium density fiberboard (MDF) are built by pressing wood grains at high temperatures and bonding them with glue. They don’t contract or expand when the weather changes. However, they are susceptible to moisture-related damage.

7. Full Cabinet Back Panels

Poor construction affects the installation and strength of each cabinet. The strongest construction requires thick plywood to make full-height panels. Some techniques apply brackets, metal rails, image-frame construction, and thin panels. Cabinets with thin back panels have a short lifespan. Waypoint cabinetry has plywood back construction which increases their strength.

A strong cabinet construction allows you to attach your cabinet to the wall. Naturally, plywood doesn’t require hanging rails as its strength extends lengthwise and sideways. The cabinet back retains its strength if you need to make a small cut for plumbing.

8. Soft-close Hinges

Cabinet hinges are among the most crucial components of kitchen cabinetry. They allow you to open or close your cabinets with ease. Cabinet doors might not close properly if you have poor hinges. Waypoint Living Spaces® cabinets have adjustable soft-close hinges which function quietly.

A standard hinge should apply the soft-close technique. Also, the mechanism should be inbuilt in its nickel panel and steel hinge. Most hinges are adjustable, in-out, horizontally and vertically. It allows you to adjust them when your cabinet doors contract or expand during winter and summer. Avoid low-quality hinges with four-way adjustability.

9. Soft close, Undermount Drawer Glides

Decent cabinetry such as Waypoint cabinets has quality drawer glides which move smoothly and quietly. An under-mount helps you move your drawer when it carries extra weight. The drawers might loosen or sag if your glides are weak. Soft close, under-mount drawer glides provides access to the whole drawer. They have ball bearings which reduce friction.

Mount the kitchen cabinet underneath your drawer box and rate the glides for them to support bulky items. Experienced interior designers recommend installing adjustable glides that apply the anti-slam damping system. However, different manufacturers apply distinct drawer-glide mechanisms.

Most high-quality cabinet brands are durable and elegant. Ideal cabinetry should match your kitchen’s design and offer easy-to-use storage of more than 15 years. However, some homeowners experience numerous challenges such as dented faces, crooked doors and sagging when they install low-quality cabinets. It is advisable to purchase and install Waypoint Living Spaces® cabinetry for its beauty and durability.