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Bellmont produces beautiful Euro-style cabinetry that can be uniquely tailored to fit your space. Every Bellmont built-to-order frameless cabinets are manufactured in the USA. Giving you superior quality and lasting value. The result is high quality cabinets that are built to last the test of time. All of Bellmont’s products come with a lifetime manufacturer’s limited warranty.

30 Years of Frameless cabinets, Bellmont has been providing clean look that complements any interior design style from modern to traditional. Since 1987, Bellmont Cabinet Co. has grown to be an industry leader with a nationwide dealer network. With Bellmont cabinetry, you have variety of options to choose from to make your cabinet dream come true.

CITY CABINET CENTER is proud to offer Bellmont Cabinetry to the San Diego area.

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What Makes Bellmont Different From Other Cabinetry Brands?

Bellmont is a family-owned cabinet manufacturer located in Washington with a decorated 30-year history.  They are dedicated to product innovation, functionality, and timeless and trend setting styles.  An example of their trend setting styles is the fact that Bellmont is American-made cabinetry with Italian structured surfaces. The company has a strong connection to Italy as they go to the country on an annual basis to discover new trends.  New trends and product innovation doesn’t mean a high price point however- Bellmont is affordable and provides great value. Their aim goes beyond producing high quality and long-lasting products for our customers; striving to protect and preserve the environment in every way possible.  Bellmont’s principle has always been about producing stylish, durable, and sustainable products.  It is equally important for us to make your homes aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing the environment.  It is equally important for us that we create elegant well-made cabinets while at the same time make the world a cleaner and greener place.  Bellmont is all about the holistic aspect of beauty.  Making gorgeous and functional pieces that inspires and uplifts our customers.  Form and function should go hand in hand.  Our designs are a reflection of that.  It is important that they not only beautify a space but they also have to be sturdy enough to last a long, long time.  Think of Bellmont products as a lifetime investment; something that you’ll continue to use and enjoy for years to come.

Bellmont Cabinets is not only committed to providing high-quality semi-custom cabinets for your homes, but they also aim to preserve nature.  The same level of attention devoted to crafting exquisitely detailed cabinets is also extended to the environment.  Having a simple philosophy: a beautiful world to go with a beautiful kitchen.  Eco-friendly practices such as recycling and reusing materials like wood chips.  Bellmont Cabinets only uses lumber that is harvested responsibly to minimize the impact on forests.  Furthermore, the plywood we use for our cabinets consists of renewable wood.

As a leading cabinet brand that offers semi-custom cabinets, Bellmont Cabinets aims to provide cabinets that would perfectly match your interiors.  Each and every Bellmont product is skillfully handcrafted using high-grade materials, expert craftsmanship, and the utmost attention to detail.  You can be assured that our cabinets will last for years and years.  Their products are built to last the test of time.  Not only that, all Bellmont products have a lifetime manufacturer’s limited warranty.  You get more than what you pay for.

Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom or kitchen? Do take note that a major element of remodeling is the cabinetry.  It also goes without saying that you will be faced with many designing decisions.  The products you chose to buy will have an impact on the convenience and style of your space and the satisfaction with your investment.  Bellmont as a cabinetry brand gives you a wide variety of options to choose from.  From different styles, finishes, embellishments, sizes down to accessories, Bellmont has it.  You can easily achieve your desired design or ambiance for your kitchen or bathroom.  Having a gorgeously designed kitchen or bath can also significantly increase the resale value of your house.  These cabinets not only make your home look good, but they also make your home look more expensive.

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Choosing The Right Kitchen Cabinets

Speaking of cabinets, we recommend that you take note of these home decorating tips.  These amazing tips will not only make your interiors look great but also increase your property resale value.  We believe that all of these help to elevate your interior’s design.

The Right Material

You can find cabinets in metal, natural wood, stainless steel, and melamine.  When selecting wood, you will also have to choose the finish or stain of your cabinet.  Decorative techniques such as crackling, glazing, and distressing give your cabinets a unique look.  It is also important to choose hardware that matches your design style and complements the other kitchen fixtures.

Light and Bright Design

Remember to keep the overall kitchen and cabinetry design light and bright.  Most people opt for white cabinets, but you can design a bright kitchen regardless of the cabinet color.  Natural light should be incorporated in the kitchen with skylights and windows.  Also, avoid installing cabinets over the kitchen bar or center island to maintain open space in the room.

Prioritize and Optimize Organization

Optimizing organization is vital. You need to plan out what you need for cabinet space.  Do you want everything to have its place? Create an outline of precisely what you have and how much space you have to allocate for it.  You are also helping your contractor or interior designer understand your vision better.

Consider Symmetry

Build a nice looking kitchen or bathroom with a simple symmetrical design.  Remember to keep the cabinet design consistent.  Select matching drawer widths.  If you have sets of drawers, then make sure to have the same number of drawers in each set.  The secret to having a lovely and livable kitchen is to have impressive cabinets.  You can achieve an appealing ambiance by using top quality cabinets arranged symmetrically.  Opt for an open layout so you have a versatile space for work or social purposes.

Good Quality

Regardless of the style, having quality cabinets will elevate any kitchen.  Stay away from modular cabinets that don’t fit well into your bathroom or kitchen.  Go for high-quality hinges and runners, soft-close doors, and semi-custom Bellmont cabinets.  It is ideal to have fewer cabinets of higher quality than have a higher number of cabinets of lesser quality.

Enhance What You Have

You can re-purpose existing fixtures and lessen costs of cabinetry by augmenting what you have.  Incorporate new hardware, fresh finishes, and additional components.  Is buying an entire cabinetry system for your kitchen not possible? You can add a couple of semi-custom cabinets that match your configuration and increase your storage space.

At Bellmont, they are dedicated to making your living spaces look exceptionally good.  They know you want cabinets with an aesthetic appeal.  It is their goal to offer you cabinetry options that not only look good but also lasts long.  All their products are made with that goal in mind.  If you need help in selecting the best cabinets for you, contact us, here at City Cabinet Center.