Below is a list of frequently asked questions, however, do feel free to give us a call if you need further clarification on our services and/or processes!

We are located in the City of San Diego, and our cabinets have made their way to homes all the way up north in Oceanside and all the way down south in Chula Vista. If you are not sure if we can come to you, just give us a call at (619)521-2875.
We work with several cabinetry order lines that are made in North America. You may check out more information about each cabinetry line on their specific product page (insert hyperlink to Products page). We also have Lotus Cabinetry, a builder-grade stock line made in China, which has passed California’s Air Quality Standards and the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) standards.
We do not provide cabinet refacing/resurfacing, or refinishing services. It has been our experience that the inconvenience and cost to reface and refinish cabinets outweighs the benefits of doing so. That is why we specialize in the design, supply, and installation of new cabinets.
All our cabinets are delivered fully assembled for installation at the jobsite. Installation time depends on your selected cabinetry line. Our stock line of cabinetry can be installed within a week of ordering and comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s limited warranty. Other lead times and warranties vary depending on the cabinetry manufacturer. You may refer to the respective product pages for more information.
Don’t be deceived by ads selling “a 10x10 kitchen”. The price quoted is usually only for cabinetry—not including necessary accessories (ie cabinet filler strips, crown molding, etc) decorative hardware, countertop, sink/faucet, or appliances. In our professional opinion, getting only the basics will result in a finished product that will not be to your satisfaction. Moreover, cabinetry pricing depends on many different factors, such as the cabinetry line, wood type, finish, and box construction. That is why we are unable to give you ann exact number as to how much a 10x10 kitchen would cost until we gain understanding of your project. At CITY CABINET CENTER, we plan and remodel your space based on your actual floor plan. With us, you can be assured that our pricing is realistic and according to specifications.
While we do not provide electrical and plumbing services specifically, we will work with your contractors to ensure that your cabinetry is designed and installed with these aspects in mind. If you do not already have these contractors, we have referrals from which you can select. If we install your cabinetry, we can provide countertop installation as an add-on service. We will mount your sink(s) for you if we install your countertops.
We only supply and install countertops as an added service if we install your cabinetry.
As a general rule, we only install the cabinets that we work with. Our installers are most familiar with the cabinetry lines we carry and we do not want your experience with us to be affected by any existing damages to the cabinetry that was bought from somewhere else.
Yes, we can help to remove your old cabinetry and make way for the new cabinetry installation. Just be sure to inform us right away if you need to have your old cabinets removed. This is so that we can include the demolition service in your budget and give you the most accurate quote.
If you are an existing customer, we can help you check if a replacement door can be ordered from the cabinetry line. We do not sell doors on a standalone basis—cabinet doors are simply a part of the cabinets we order from our cabinetry lines. If your cabinets are from a cabinetry line that we carry and you have the specific order details, we may be able to help you.

Did You Know…

1. What do you need to think about when remodeling your kitchen/bathroom?

Start with your cabinetry. The most expensive part of a kitchen/bathroom remodel is usually the cabinets. This is where we can help you as cabinet experts. Budget. Style. Materials. Layout. Time-frame. There are many things to consider when thinking about your new kitchen, and we would like to help you focus on the key things that matter:

  • Budget – having a realistic budget is always good so you know how much you can spend to get the most value.
  • Style – start with a general style you like and we can figure out the details (color scheme, cabinet design, door style, etc…) together.
  • Materials – shape the look of your space with the right material choice when it comes to your cabinets and how they will complement your countertops, backsplashes, flooring, etc…
  • Layout – share your layout ideas/wish lists with us so that we can help you with space planning.
  • Time-frame – tell us your project timeline so that we can make your project a success.

2. What is space planning?

Space planning considers the purpose of spaces and who will use them. If done right, a well-designed space becomes the ideal blend of form, function, and beauty. Designing and installing your kitchen/bathroom cabinetry can be more complicated than you think—it’s more than just arranging cabinet boxes.

At CITY CABINET CENTER, our designers consider all aspects of your kitchen/bathroom remodel when designing and installing your cabinets. We work with your contractors to make sure that the cabinetry fits perfectly with the appliances, plumbing, electrical wiring, lighting, etc. With our space planning experts, remodeling your kitchen/bathroom remodel will be a breeze.

3. What is the difference between refacing, resurfacing, and refinishing cabinets?

Resurfacing kitchen cabinets is a process in which the existing cabinets are given a “facelift”. The existing cabinet framework is usually resurfaced with laminate or wood veneer replacement material. Refacing is the same thing as resurfacing.

Refinishing is different. For cabinet refinishing, you’re simply changing the color of your cabinet finish. All components of your existing cabinetry remain intact. Refinishing typically involves sanding or chemically stripping away the existing finish from the wood by hand, and then applying new paint or stain.